IAR’s Aerial Research & Development: [Organization Benefits]

International Air Response (IAR) has been flying for more than 40 years. With our fleet of C-130 Hercules for lease, we’ve graced various industries with our reliable and one-of-a-kind service. IAR has worked on aircraft research and development, ensuring that each test will be performed on-schedule and on-budget. Our team is trained to handle research [...]

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[Aerial Film & TV Production] with a C-130 Hercules

The C-130 Hercules aircraft isn’t just a champ in military operations. Its commercial version is soaring high to make spectacular movie scenes happen. Yes, IAR helps movies get their perfect aerial shots and scenes that will grace the big screen. Remember that aerial car drop from the Fast & Furious 7? We made it happen. [...]

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The Capabilities of the [C-130 Hercules Aircraft] Are Endless

The C-130 Hercules aircraft is a workhorse for the military and various support companies. It’s designed to have a wide roll on and roll off ramp paired with a high wing that makes it effortless to load with cargo and groups of people. From being in the field to working in aerial TV production, this [...]

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Aerial Film Production Services: [Slip and Slide out of an Airplane]

Have you seen the helicopter heist in the movie Precious Cargo? How about the cars getting thrown out of the plane in the Furious 7? These scenes are not computer-generated. Actual aircrafts performed these daring stunts; proof that film & television production has gone to new heights. Check out this amazing video filmed by Devin [...]

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[Aerial Dispersant Services] – Most Effective Oil Spill Dispersant Aircraft & Spray Systems

A well-maintained fleet of oil spill dispersant aircraft & spray systems manned by highly trained crews can safely and effectively deal with the most challenging oil spill situations and deliver the best aerial dispersant solution possible. Arguably the most effective and versatile oil spill dispersant aircraft in the world today, the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules, [...]

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[C-130 Aircraft And Flight Crews] For Film And Television Production

Action scenes on films and television shows have become more realistic with the help of aerial production services. International Air Response (IAR) is the leading aerial film production services in the world with more than 25 movie and television productions under its belt. Established in 1976, this company owns and works a large fleet of [...]

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The Ocean Cleanup Aerial Expedition [All You Need To Know]

The world-renowned Aerial Expedition was an Ocean Cleanup mission that involved a string of aviation surveys and explorations around the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The operation started in the 26th of September back in 2016 and lasted for 11 days with the goal of finding exactly how much of the ocean's largest and most dangerous [...]

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[C-130 Aerial Firefighting]: Best Solution for Combating Wildfires

There’s nothing more challenging for a firefighter than wildfires, and they are currently raging all over the country. While there are many different ways to tackle wildfires and to try and cut them off before they can do too much damage, aerial firefighting companies are one of the most effective ways to deal with large-scale [...]

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Realistic Parachute Training from [C-130 Hercules Aircraft]

Parachute training is an important investment for any search and rescue professional, and even for pilots and other professionals that will be in aircraft regularly. It’s also a valuable skill that paratroopers need to get very good at. At International Air Response we offer specialized parachute training courses, making it possible to gain the experience [...]

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