A well-maintained fleet of oil spill dispersant aircraft & spray systems manned by highly trained crews can safely and effectively deal with the most challenging oil spill situations and deliver the best aerial dispersant solution possible. Arguably the most effective and versatile oil spill dispersant aircraft in the world today, the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules, can be equipped with an array of standard quality aerial dispersant systems for optimum results.

One of them is RIDSS, or Rapid Installation and Deployment Spray System, which was designed as a versatile, operationally friendly, sustainable option to widely used but outdated spray systems. RIDSS is a modular pallet type system that can be loaded to the Hercules aircraft through its standard cargo handling system.

The proven track record on multiple oil spill dispersal aerial missions across the globe
The RIDSS was developed in 2005 and has proven to be one the most reliable and effective aerial dispersant systems in the industry, with a proven track record of more than 100 successful aerial dispersal missions around the world.

Why the C-130 Hercules is the perfect oil spill dispersants aircraft

To become highly effective against an oil spill, an aerial dispersant solution must be administered at steady airspeeds in low altitudes, generally 50 – 100 ft above the sea level. The aircraft must, therefore, be safe, effective, and efficient, in delivering air dispersant systems at these challenging flight conditions.

There are plenty of reasons why the C-130 Hercules is the perfect oil spill dispersants aircraft and one of them is because of its huge, straight-wing design that makes it adept at safely flying in slow speed environments without sacrificing performance – which is one of the crucial elements in successfully spraying an oil spill. Simply put, the Hercules can still comfortably operate in its minimum airspeed or stall speed, giving it the unique ability among aircrafts to maneuver proficiently in oil spill flight situations with unmatched capabilities.

Other features that improve the C-130’s overall safety include:

Oil Spill Dispersants Aircraft

An almost 360 cockpit view

The C-130 provides unparalleled view while inside the cockpit thanks to numerous extensive windows spread in various heights in a semi-circle fashion that offers flight crews optimum chance to detect and evade other incoming aircrafts. This kind of superior visibility significantly lowers the incidence of accidental collisions in the air and is a critical safety element in oil spill situations where numerous different kinds of aircrafts, such as airplanes and helicopters, fly back an forth in close quarters.

4-engine design

While it rarely happens, disastrous events are bound to occur when one of the aircraft’s engine dies in mid-air. This is something that no pilot ever wants to experience especially during oil spill flight conditions where a heavy payload in slow speed and low altitudes is all too common. The C-130 features a 4 engine design that gives it the amazing ability to fly comfortably at slow airspeeds and low altitudes while carrying a maximum payload even if one of its 4 engines is no longer operational. This kind if unique safety feature is something that you won’t easily find with other aircraft designs.

The C-130 Hercules and RIDSS

When the RIDSS is integrated into the C-130 Hercules, it becomes the most efficient oil spill dispersant aircraft & spray systems in the planet.

Unparalleled fuel economy

Combined with its superb fuel capacity and fuel efficient turbo engine, the C-130 Hercules offers unmatched fuel economy in slow airspeeds and low altitude flight conditions. Simply put, the C-130 can continue to glide over an air spill environment far longer than other aircraft.

Wider range

When armed with the most efficient aerial dispersant systems the world, the RIDSS, the C-130 Hercules offers an extensive 100 feet spraying range which translates to 18 acres of oil spill being treated for every mile it flies. This is roughly double the area that most large spray aircraft can effectively treat.

When you put into account its superior fuel economy and range, the C-130 together with the RIDSS aerial dispersant solution can treat a larger oil spill for a shorter amount of time. This equates to fewer, more efficient operations per day.

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