There’s nothing more challenging for a firefighter than wildfires, and they are currently raging all over the country. While there are many different ways to tackle wildfires and to try and cut them off before they can do too much damage, aerial firefighting companies are one of the most effective ways to deal with large-scale fires.

How Aerial Firefighting Works

In aerial firefighting specially designed planes like the c130 Hercules aircraft are designed with large-scale tanks in them to drop fire retardant down onto raging fires to help smolder them and stop them in their tracks. Aircraft can travel directly over top of raging fires, giving firefighting professionals more control over where a fire is attacked and reduced. Professionals with the right aircraft are able to cut large-scale fires off at specific locations by dropping thousands of gallons of fire retardant down onto fires.

Firefighting with the C 130 Hercules Aircraft

Firefighting with airplanes is dangerous work and difficult. It also demands the right sort of airplane to do the job well. The task involves flying low slowly for extended periods of time. The C 130 Hercules aircraft is well-suited to this type of flying because it’s fuel efficient and designed to fly low and slow. It can be operated comfortably for extended periods right over top of smoky fires without issue and works incredibly well for most firefighting operations. The aircraft can carry heavy weight loads, making them capable of hauling tankers full of fire retardant. International Air Response has a large fleet of C 130 Hercules aircraft, many already equipped with the RADs fire system to help put out fires effectively. These planes can be dedicated to different firefighting efforts and they can even be provided with trained staff members that understand standard firefighting techniques and how to operate the RADs equipment.

C 130 Hercules aircraft

Film Production Capabilities

The C 130 Hercules aircraft in the fleet held by International Air Response are all set up and ready to go for filming operations in movies and television commercials. There are highly experienced crew members standing by that have worked in films in the past and the company even has design professionals available to change the appearance of aircraft as needed for movies. With experience working on production films like That Dark Knight Rises, Captain Philips, Furious 7, Fast Five and many others, the company is prepared to take on any filming challenge and produce top quality results time and time again.

Whether you have a serious wildfire to battle, a large-scale action movie to film, the C 130 Hercules aircraft is perfect for these jobs and the aircraft of choice for International Air Response. Talk with the company to learn about the different services available and how it can help you meet all your air support related goals and needs. Fighting wildfires isn’t a job that should be tackled just on the ground, which is why it’s such a good investment to take the fight to the sky with the right aircraft and trained professionals for the job.