Have you seen the helicopter heist in the movie Precious Cargo? How about the cars getting thrown out of the plane in the Furious 7? These scenes are not computer-generated. Actual aircrafts performed these daring stunts; proof that film & television production has gone to new heights.

Check out this amazing video filmed by Devin Super Tramp and a team of high spirited skydivers taking on the slip in the slide of their life. It’s a video you just have to watch! International Air Response was happy to team up with Devin Super Tramp and Canon to make this adventurous feat happen.

Now if you want to learn more about aerial film production services, continue reading below.

Both local and international entertainment productions, especially Hollywood, utilize aerial film production services to achieve real shots. Compared to usual flying, aircraft support for movies and television is more painstaking and has to be done with a complete fleet of C-130 Hercules aircraft and crew.

Specialized aerial operations

Aerial film production services are way different than the customary support services like dispersant needs and airdropping activities. There is an emphasis on the art of film and TV production without compromising the safety of the actors and flight crew. Specialized operations include flying with something in tow or with open cockpits as demanded by the producers.

The pilots and flight crew are experienced in handling various technologies aside from the usual flying mode. Multiple aircraft can be deployed at the same time while scenes happen in between. Flying an aircraft in this condition requires attention to detail and years of experience to limit risk factors.

Production goals

Film & television production will require various modifications on the aircraft to meet the desired appearance. The interior and exterior of the C-130 Hercules plane can be retrofitted even in short notice. An in-house aircraft modification facility allows changes to be done in the shortest time possible.

If it has to look like a World War II plane or a futuristic aircraft, the crew would have enough knowledge and skill to get this done. Most of all, the scene has to look natural and uncontrolled when captured by the camera. This is the biggest challenge in aircraft support.

Well-rounded facility and equipment

Aerial film production is a very demanding job. With that, the crew needs to have a whole fleet of aircraft and equipment accessible at any time. The crew itself has to be trained in various methods including airdrop, parachute jumps, and both high and low altitude operations. Experience and skills are needed here to get everything right on the first take.

During airdrops, the close proximity to the location is very important to contain the deployed material or crew. Take it from an aircraft company that worked on dozens of Hollywood movies, TV shows, and commercials.

film & television production

FAA certification for TV and film production

Before take-off, it’s important to secure a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for the purpose of filming. This includes the use of drones and all forms of aircraft. Note, however, that unmanned aircraft have to undergo a highly intensive approval process from the FAA. It ensures safety not just of the crew involved, but the civilians within the location.

Aerial film production services make dream movies come true. Whether you filming cars dropping from the sky, synchronized skydivers, or in air flight scenes, going airborne is a risky activity that requires experiences, pilots and crew, to get the perfect shot.

International Air Response loves working on film projects and would love to help you execute your next big scene. Contact us today to learn more.