Parachute training is an important investment for any search and rescue professional, and even for pilots and other professionals that will be in aircraft regularly. It’s also a valuable skill that paratroopers need to get very good at. At International Air Response we offer specialized parachute training courses, making it possible to gain the experience that you need to be effective at parachuting from a high powered aircraft. The training program utilizes top grade c 130 Hercules aircraft that have been outfitted carefully will all the right equipment for parachute training. Jumpers will get to jump from several different points around the aircraft and in different drop zones as well. The diverse training program offered at International Air Response will help build more effective professionals that are ready for varying situations.

Top Quality Training

When dropping out of a plane is a required skill for the job, it’s vital to get good at doing so because it’s a life and death situation. At International Air Response the training program is highly effective at teaching how to drop safely from a plane. The facility is designed to offer training up to very high altitudes and students can complete jumps at up to 30,000 feet. The program can support large-scale jump operations with up to 90 jumpers leaping out of the same aircraft for large-scale groups and important mission-specific training targets.

parachute training

Made to Accommodate Paratroopers

Each of the planes used in the parachute training program is equipped with standard paratroop equipment. The planes come with paratroop seating, paratroop doors, static lines, a cargo ramp in the rear and a rear door for easy access as needed. The extensive setups make it possible for paratroopers to practice jumps from different doors and in different situations that other training programs simply don’t offer.

Cost Effective Training

The training program offered at International Air Response is cost-effective and designed to be as affordable and efficient as possible for large groups. The facility comes with a large scale indoor rigging facility for parachutes. Expert jumpmaster support is provided as needed and the facility is located near multiple drop zones allowing for different situational training to occur. No matter what sort of jump training you need, the setup will make it possible to go through it. With access to top quality c 130 Hercules aircraft and leading equipment and a setup for parachute training, it’s possible to get the highest level of parachute training in the industry.

Designed for Heavy Weight Equipment

The commercial c 130 Hercules aircraft is designed to withstand heavy equipment and can lift up to 32,000 pounds without an issue. The plane even comes with a pressurizes and climate controlled cargo bay, giving you the ability to bring heavyweight cargo on board for mission-specific training.

Make sure that your professionals are ready for every situation. Paratroopers need to be ready to respond to all sorts of scenarios. With this high quality parachute training program they will be more prepared than ever and ready to tackle tough situations.