International Air Response (IAR) has been flying for more than 40 years. With our fleet of C-130 Hercules for lease, we’ve graced various industries with our reliable and one-of-a-kind service. IAR has worked on aircraft research and development, ensuring that each test will be performed on-schedule and on-budget.

Our team is trained to handle research programs which include spacecraft reentry systems, airborne electronics,  and prototypes. With that, each aircraft is retrofitted and climate controlled to preserve the quality of the involved objects.

But why IAR? Here are some of key benefits:


No other commercial aircraft provider can offer what IAR has. We have a full fleet of C-130 Hercules for lease, flying crew trained for various scientific tests, and a modification hangar to get everything going. We’ve done projects for military purposes, film production, and aircraft research and development.

As an aircraft provider for scientific research, we’ve joined forces with various organizations to conduct projects like mapping the Great Pacific plastic patch. We’ve also helped in the cleanup mission for oil spills, wildfires, and aircraft tests. These previous projects make us a well-rounded aircraft provider for research purposes.


As a niche aircraft provider, it’s easy to think that we have the steepest rates. But to be true, we’re performing flying services at competitive pricing. We want your projects to be done in the safest and most successful way possible without compromising the results.

Our flying team will keep on track of the test campaign while staying within the budget. One reason why we have the most cost-efficient service is because we have our own in-house modification hangar and team. We don’t outsource anything and everything can be modified and retrofitted on our own facilities.

c-130 Hercules for lease

High performance

Flying at 30,000 feet is a real business. Aside from the sky-high altitude, we ensure that your aerial research will be conducted properly. Our C-130 Hercules for lease can carry up to 30,000 pounds of payload. We also have access to different drop zones,  and test areas.

Our team can also fly smoothly on low airspeeds as truncated as 95 knots. This gives you a wider range of environment to conduct your tests. If that’s not enough, we can also work in an all-weather capacity as well as night time operations.

Impressive track record

We would not be one of the leading aircraft research and development services without an impressive resume. Back in 2016, we are part of the reconnaissance flights conducted on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We were tasked to quantify the vastness of the pollution and to dispense ghost nets to map the plastic problem.

This project involved hauling the plastic back to shore, various cleanup systems, and establishing accumulation zone. The project required precision and skillful flying to prevent any accidents. Aside from that, we’ve also conducted test drops for many atmospheric research studies.

From our fleet to our trained crew, we extend our aerial research and development expertise to every organization that needs it. Inquire today and see how we can help you in your next project.