Aerial Film & TV Production

Get it right on the first take – C-130 aircraft and airdrop expertise to help you complete your production on-time and on-budget

Key IAR Advantages

  • FAA certification for film & television production
  • Multiple aircraft and crews available due to large fleet size
  • Crews highly experienced in film & TV production
  • Crews qualified in airdrop, parachute, and low altitude operations
  • In-house aircraft modification & retrofit capability to alter aircraft appearance
  • Close proximity to airdrop locations
  • Access to drop area recovery equipment and personnel

IAR has provided C-130 Hercules aircraft and crews for numerous productions including the following major motion pictures, television programs & commercials, and charity & campaign events:

Motion Pictures

  • Arms & the Dudes – 2016
  • Precious Cargo – 2016
  • Point Break – 2015
  • Furious 7 – 2015
  • Midnight Special – 2014
  • Captain Philips – 2013
  • The Dark Knight Rises – 2012
  • Fast Five – 2011

Television & Commercials

  • The Player – 2015
  • Top Gear – 2014
  • Mountain Dew – 2014
  • HTC Smartphones – 2013
  • Rogue Fitness – 2012
  • Top Gear Korea – 2012
  • Chevy Sonic – 2012
  • Electronic Arts – 2012
  • Sony PlayStation – 2011

Charity & Campaign Events

  • Governor Rick Perry for President – 2015
  • Toys for Tots sponsored by Duracell – 2013

Aircraft are available for production work on short notice and can be sent to nearly any global location. With a history of work on over 25 productions, IAR has the expertise to help you complete your production on-schedule and on-budget.

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C-130 Hercules for lease

When International Air Response isn’t responding to airdrops, firefighting, and scientific calls, they are providing services for aerial film production. Their flight crew can help produce stunning cinematography through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and a customized C-130.

IAR’s unmatched professionalism and expertise make their C-130 Hercules for lease a top pick of major film production houses. As a full-service provider of aerial aircraft and crew, IAR has graced the big screen and television with their breath-taking airdrops, stunt work, and low-altitude operations.

Aircraft and crew expertise

For more than 40 years, International Air Response has had one of the most sophisticated aircraft solutions to date. They have an in-house team of aircraft experts as well as a large hangar and retrofitting area.

The Federal Aviation Administration has certified International Air Response to perform aerial film production.

Even at short notice, IAR can deliver aerial services for film production. Their years of experience and readiness for any project make this possible. All the crew members that will be flying are trained to handle TV and film production equipment. With this, directors and the film crew can get the perfect shot.

The C-130 Hercules for lease for film production isn’t just one but multiple. This makes it easy to shoot long scenes in the air. Each of the flying crews is trained to fly precisely even on low altitude and low-speed settings.

  • Years of experience in the aircraft industry
  • Veteran flying crews and pilots
  • Safe methods and procedures
  • Precise flying without sacrificing any shots

aerial film production

Ability to customize aircraft

Thanks to our in-house retrofit and modification capability, the C-130 aircraft can be customized to suit scenes and payload requirement. IAR can provide onboard electrical equipment that supports film production equipment.

With this, the film crew can focus on their craft while we excel at ours. IAR supports a wide range of aerial operation, one of which is domestic and international film production.

Rest assured that although the C-130 will be customized and modified even in short notice, safety is the priority of IAR.

  • High-maintenance standards
  • Experienced, highly-trained, and veteran flying crews
  • Production goals right on schedule
  • Versatile cargo space for large film equipment and drop load

The International Air Response’s 60,000 sq. ft. indoor maintenance facility makes it easy to modify aircraft even on short notice. Each aspect will be adapted to the requirements of production.

IAR doesn’t just fly, they truly make it possible to capture famous scenes for the big screen. Proof to this is one their projects, airdropping the Chevrolet Skydive in the skies of Arizona:

CGI? This plane drop from Furious 7 is definitely not fooling your eyes:

With IAR’s fleet of C-130s, expert crew, and topnotch equipment, the breath-taking scene from the hit movie was brought to life.

Aerial film production is just one of the areas IAR specializes in. They’re there for rescue, they’re present for the environment, but they also know how to take on the art of producing scenes for the movies.

Do you want to soar high against your competitors? Fly with our C-130 Hercules for lease and let’s bring those scenes into new heights.

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