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Aerial Dispersants

C-130 Hercules equipped with the RIDSS spray system – Ensure a successful spill response

The most effective oil spill dispersant aircraft & spray systems with proven results

Advantages of IAR Aerial Dispersant Systems:

  • A complete aerial dispersant solution – aircraft, spray systems, and operators
  • Real-world oil spill response experience
  • Global reach to support worldwide response operations
  • The largest fleet of high capacity / long range dispersant aircraft

Safety – Efficiency – Versatility


Oil spill dispersants must be applied at very low altitudes and slow speeds to be effective.  This creates a high risk environment for any large aircraft.  The C-130 Hercules was designed for low altitude / slow speed operations which makes it a much safer aerial dispersant platform than large swept-wing jet aircraft.  The C-130’s four turbo-prop engines, straight wing design, and multitude of cockpit windows enhance safety in the following ways:

  • Reduced likelihood of an aircraft stall due to a much lower stall speed
  • Better performance following the loss of a single main engine due to four-engine redundancy
  • Lower risk of midair collision due to superior maneuverability at slow speeds
  • Improved ability to see and avoid obstacles, including other aircraft, due to unmatched visibility from the pilot’s seat.


The C-130’s turbo-prop engines are designed to be much more fuel efficient at low altitudes than the jet engines commonly found on other large aircraft.  This means efficiency gains including:

  • Longer duration flights allowing for more time to treat an oil slick
  • Lower operating costs and reduced logistical requirements due to lower fuel consumption
  • Superior endurance as an airborne search and rescue (SAR) platform in the event such capabilities are needed.

The C-130’s agility at slow airspeeds allows it to be much more accurate when applying dispersants. Improved accuracy results in less overspray (overtreatment of the same oil) which is highly wasteful. The C-130’s ability to apply dispersants with surgical precision ensures that the dispersant only goes where it is most effective. This higher level of accuracy minimizes the amount of dispersant required to treat an oil slick which simplifies the dispersant supply chain freeing up response resources to be used in other areas. More accurate and efficient slick treatment achieved through less dispersant waste also minimizes the environmental impact of a spill response.


The C-130 can perform a multitude of different missions due to its ability to change mission configurations quickly, even in remote locations.  Additionally, the Hercules can be operated from more airfields than any other aircraft of similar size.  This is due to its high wing and light “footprint” which prevents its landing gear from sinking into “soft” surfaces commonly encountered at small airports in remote locations.  The multi-role capabilities of IAR’s C-130 fleet include:

  • High capacity sprayer
  • High endurance spotter
  • Long range search and patrol
  • Aerial rescue with the ability to drop survival equipment: provisions, life rafts, & personnel
  • Bulk dispersant transport and transport of oversized spill-related materials
  • Airdrop of equipment weighing up to 25,000 pounds
  • Arctic operations

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