The C-130 Hercules aircraft isn’t just a champ in military operations. Its commercial version is soaring high to make spectacular movie scenes happen. Yes, IAR helps movies get their perfect aerial shots and scenes that will grace the big screen. Remember that aerial car drop from the Fast & Furious 7? We made it happen.

We cater to both small and large-scale productions with our proper FAA certifications. Aside from providing the aircraft, we also have a crew experienced in handling aerial TV production. Since every take is a critical process, there’s a very small room for errors.

Television programs and movies

Over the years, we’ve mastered flying with a whole TV crew ready to take their programs into new heights. Aerial film production is never easy, but we at IAR always find ways to make it possible. Some of the movies we’ve successfully worked with are Precious Cargo, Midnight Special, Point Break, Furious 7, Fast Five, and Captain Philips. We’ve also graced Top Gear.

With our in-house crew, equipment, and large hangar, we get to provide everything right away.

Commercials and events

Aside from the movies, we’ve also worked with famous brands for their commercial shoots. Some of these are Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, Chevy Sonic, Rogue Fitness, and Mountain Dew.

Overall, we have 25 successful aerial film production projects on our sleeves. Everything was done on schedule and within the budget our clients have. Above all, safety and precision are the names of the game.

c 130 Hercules aircraft

Airdrop shots

Are you planning to have that airdrop shot on your next film? At IAR, we’ve got all you need to make it happen. We have a whole fleet of C-130 Hercules aircraft that can be retrofitted and customized based on the look that you want. This can be done quickly, thanks to our in-house modification and retrofit team.

We will alter the aircraft’s appearance and interior without compromising flight safety and the angles of your shots.

In-flight crew

We don’t just have pilots and flight crews. Our team is trained and equipped to work with aerial film production. They are knowledgeable of the equipment and techniques used in order to achieve a certain scene.

Our crew is qualified to handle safe airdrop and skydiving projects. They are highly trained to operate parachutes both for humans and the airdrop objects even on low altitude conditions. Aside from the flying team, we also have an on-ground crew to monitor the airdrop area.

One-stop aircraft provider for film and TV

If you have a sky-high film production idea in mind, our C-130 Hercules aircraft will be available to make it come to life. You can lease our crew, fleet, and aircraft for the project. You’re free to select whichever you need and the retrofitting that is required for the plane.

We offer flexible pricing for every project but rest assured that it will be done on time and in the safest way possible. At IAR, it’s not just about death-defying airdrops, we also value the security of all the people involved in the production.