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Aerial Delivery

C-130 Hercules – The airborne delivery platform of choice – Develop and train systems and personnel for real-world operations using standard aerial delivery equipment and procedures

IAR C-130 Hercules aerial delivery capabilities include:

  • High altitude airdrop up to 30,000 feet
  • Airdrop of large objects including vehicles
  • Heavyweight single-item airdrop capability up to 25,000 pounds
  • Pressurized and climate controlled cargo bay

Each of our C-130s is equipped with the standard 463L cargo handling system which is purpose-built for aerial delivery operations.  The 463L system is capable of both gravity and extraction airdrops from any altitude and airspeed within the C-130’s performance envelope.  In addition to the rear cargo ramp and door which is standard on all C-130s, IAR’s aircraft are unique in that they are equipped with paratroop doors. This gives aerial delivery clients additional exit points not available with other C-130 providers.

A Convenient & Cost Effective Solution

  • Large indoor airdrop system rigging facility
  • In-house expert parachute rigging and loadmaster support
  • Access to high altitude airdrop areas
  • Close proximity & short flight duration to multiple drop zones

Support equipment & personnel provided by IAR:

  • K Loader (Emerson A/S 32 H-5A) and various fork lifts
  • Off-road range access / payload recovery vehicles
  • Ground range safety observers with air/ground communications

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