IAR has operated and maintained its own fleet of Lockheed C-130 aircraft for over 20 years.  The C-130 'Hercules' transport is the most widely used and versatile airlifter in the world.  This heavy four-engine turboprop is capable of operating from remote, high elevation, short, and unimproved runways.  Since its inception more than 2300 C-130s have been built with modern variants still in production today.  The type is flown by more than 60 nations around the world, in more than 70 variations.

The C-130's combination of a cargo floor at truck bed height and integral rear loading ramp provides ease of loading and unloading with true roll-on/roll-off (RORO) capability.  The fully pressurized cargo hold can be rapidly reconfigured to accommodate nearly any type of payload.  The large area of the C-130's cargo compartment and easy access to abundant sources of electrical power make the type ideally situated to carry out in-flight testing of both large and small aerial systems.

At IAR we incorporate various FAA approved modifications into our C-130 fleet in support of a vast array of missions for a diverse group of customers.  Our experience, efficiency, and unmatched safety record make International Air Response the dominant private sector operator of the C-130.

IAR has experience operating its C-130 aircraft in the following capacities: